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Free Bitcoin Faucet is an absolutely free bitcoin place that gives you up to $100 BTC in 5 minutes. Every time you visit the faucet, you can get the maximum number of Satoshis between 2 to 10 Million.

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We are a purely web-based service provider - so you don't have to download anything. All you need to do is follow our step by step procedure to get your share.


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Bitcoin, our freedom from banks

The founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, proposed an electronic payment framework referencing a mathematical proof. He wanted to create a currency independent from any centralized governance, that could be transferred digitally very fast in mere minutes with significantly small fees. And Bitcoin was born.

The best features of Bitcoin:

Buy anything online

You can use Bitcoin to shop online-kind of like the mainstream dollars, pounds, or euros, which are also used in transactions online.

You're in charge, Not some bank

Arguably one of the best features of bitcoin is that its decentralized. There isn't a single institution that controls Bitcoin's network. It means that you're the only one who can control your money.

Set up is a breeze

Nowadays opening a bank account is like an obstacle course, do this, sign that, do that, go there, etc., but with bitcoin, it will only take you less than a minute, no fees, and no questions.

That's not all...

No one will know

Well, not quite exactly but the good thing is that you can have as many Bitcoin addresses as you want and no one will be able to link them to your private credentials-address, names, etc.

The real story is...

Crystal clear transparency with a clever twist

Bitcoin has a blockchain, which is sort of a huge general ledger that records each and every transaction that has ever occurred in the network. Meaning that if you ever used your bitcoin publicly, then anyone can find out how much bitcoins you have.

But what is the clever twist...

Even if they find out, they can't tell it's yours! Additionally, there are some measures you can take to make your transactions absolutely anonymous. Like not transferring huge amounts to one address or using different addresses every time you transact.

Unbelievably low fees

You might get charged ten bucks for international money transfer by your bank; Bitcoin doesn't charge you a dime.

Remarkable speeds--you'll be done before you down your cup of coffee

Send money to anywhere in the world, and it will get there in a couple of minutes once Bitcoin's network processes the transaction.


Once your Bitcoins are sent, you won't get them back unless the receiver is kind enough to give them back. So, do be careful but besides that, it's a remarkable feature.

You won't believe what is based on...

Science! - particularly mathematics. There are software--designed to function using a mathematical formula, being used by people all over the world to generate bitcoins.

Moreover, to top it all off, the mathematical formula is free for everyone to access and so is the software open source.

How Bitcoin is made

No single entity "prints" Bitcoins, it is generated digitally by a large community of people which you, and anyone else can join. Essentially, they are sort of "mined" by using the power of a distributed network of computers.

But wait, there's more...

This network is also responsible for processing all Bitcoin transactions which virtually makes Bitcoin its very own payment system.

Why Bitcoin

Bitcoin has grown to become a popular virtual currency to the extent that it threatens the U.S dollar. It was created as a result of the U.S financial crisis and probably partly also based on the economic system of the U.S.

The future is Bitcoin

Our civilization is completely dependent on middlemen-banks, to enhance reliability in our economies. So far, they've done a great job fulfilling that purpose, but there are issues arising which are deeply rooted in this old model for business which is clashing with novel technology.

Here is the real story...

A key feature of the old business model is centralization which is currently failing under pressure. An excellent example is the recent Brexit and the voting of Trump-an inherent symptom of centralization. However, this isn't restricted to the US or Europe.

Let us explain why Bitcoin is the future.

Bitcoin is the future, seeing that many "mushroom markets" and developing countries have grown fond of Bitcoin thanks to the increased financial instability and unstable currencies. It also shines above the rest when it comes to inter-border transactions thanks to its speed, trust, tiny fees.

Even China loves it! It is estimated that the People's Republic of China accounts for 99% of the volume of Bitcoin Traded.

There is a lot of money to be made in Bitcoin, and with a bright future ahead, you will regret not jumping on this bandwagon. We as Bitcoin faucet are here to help you achieve financial freedom.

This is how we help as a Bitcoin Faucet.

So, Bitcoin Faucet?

We are a web-based Bitcoin service that gives away Bitcoins for free to its users-like you. If you want to claim your share of Bitcoins, all you need to do is follow the simple steps on our website, solve an easy offer and get your free Bitcoins.

Like taking candy from a baby-except in this case we are giving it to you, free of charge.

How many Bitcoins can I earn

Our main goal is to be a premier Bitcoin Faucet with the highest payout. To be able to keep our claims as high as possible we automatically refine the rate depending on several factors including the exchange rate of BTC/USD.

The best part?

Presently, you can claim up to $100 in under 5 minutes. After you have successfully signed in our service, you will now be able to see for yourself the mean rate per claim.

Referral commissions-invite your friends.

Additionally, you have an unlimited potential to explode your earnings through our referral systems, which pays you 20% of your selected amount.

However, there is a catch...

You might see couple of offers in the final step, and in all honesty, this is where we make our money so bear with us. And since we love you lot we choose to share maximum of what we make.

Problems with making a Faucet claim?

If you're having any problems with making a claim, then the reason could be one of the following:

Ad Blocks

If our systems detect an ad blocking service or if we find out our offers are being blocked in your desktop client browser, then you won't be to make a claim. If you can't see our offers, then something must be causing the block. It could be an add-on, extension or plug-in installed in your browser.

If that is the case, then be sure to unblock our service or white list our website.

Device Cross-compatibility

We built our service with most popular devices in mind-which mean the widest and narrowest browser devices will be supported. But in case you find your browser or device is not supported then be sure to try out a different device or browser.

Why and How Can Bitcoin Generators Influence a Common Man's Life?

Bitcoin, since its very evolution has managed to garner a lot of attention to itself. The reason being, the unique advantages it offers people with. A bitcoin is practically a type of Crypto-currency. It had been invented in the year 2009, by an anonymous person or group. Though there had been crypto-currencies before, yet this was one of a kind. Usually, other digital currencies need the help of a centralized bank system. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Bitcoin is void of any such condition of course. There are numerous advantages of Bitcoins. Knowing about these can help you attain some for your use.

The advantages of Bitcoins

Anonymous use:
If a person wants, then keeping their Bitcoin transactions perfectly discreet is something that they can do. It offers people with the advantage of the anonymous users. Of course, until and unless a person wants to reveal about their Bitcoin transactions everything will be limited to them only.

No taxes to worry about:
Indeed, this is something that cannot be traced by anyone including the government. As a result, there are no taxes to worry about by any possible means. Therefore, if you are worried about the sales taxes that you may have to pay for any transaction; now you will not have to.

No need to depend on the bank:
This is certainly something that cannot be operated via banks or governments. This is why people can rest assured that none of their information is being leaked out. Or they do not have to worry about the banks at all. It is specifically what the bitcoin 2018 offers them.

Transaction fees are equal to non-existent:
It is one of the best advantages of Bitcoin that people can come across with. Of course, one must realize that with the help of the Bitcoins, they do not have to worry about how much extra they are going to pay on their purchases because the transaction charges exist.

Device feasibility
If you don't have a laptop, then there is surely nothing to worry about. You can also use your mobile phones for the bitcoin. This will allow you to ensure that you are comfortable in your own way while choosing Bitcoin. After all these advantages, chances are many will be interested in knowing how to get bitcoins? Well, the answer is simple. They can choose the Bitcoin generator for the same. Yes, these are the best things that they can come across with. These generators help them get through with the bitcoins within just a matter of small time. Why use these generators? There are few significant advantages of using these Bitcoin generators. The following are some of the most necessary of all:

Add on to your bitcoins:
These generators help add on to your bitcoins in the first place. This is again what happens without any problem at all. So if one wants to increase the number of bitcoins they own and that too comfortable, then nothing other than this can be a better option for them.

Ensure discreet business:
These generators maintain the fact that one wants to keep their identity a secret. This is exactly how they deal with the clients and offer them with Bitcoins. The person need not worry about their identity being revealed by any manner. These sites take care to the same of course.

Safe information on bitcoin 2018:
These generators also ensure that all of the information provided is safe and secured and are used only for the generation of Bitcoins. This is exactly what is essential for the people to know and understand when they are dealing with things online. Of course, these generators allow people to feel comfortable.

Easy process:
The process of generation of Bitcoins is straightforward. There is no rocket science to it. Of course, this is one reason why the people often look for the best sites to buy bitcoin. This site further takes care of the interface and the organization of the site as well. These things are essential for everybody nevertheless. Using these generators is easy only when the people will have an opportunity to visit the best sites. This is just why the best of the best must only be selected. There are certain things that people must necessarily follow to get through with the same. How to get bitcoins in different sites? Following are the various ways how people can easily get through with the best sites for generating their Bitcoins:

Check with the reputation:
The reputation of these sites and generators matter the most. After all, these are online and have no physical presence at all. Taking any step must be done very carefully. Only then, people can get through with the best results for sure. So when one is about to select an online generator, they must check with the reputation.

Read the reviews:
Reading the reviews also matter a lot. This is one thing that the people must understand is necessary. Nowadays the online reviews help people save their time and money from being invested in the wrong places. This is assuredly why the people must check with these bitcoin generator reviews for sure.

See if they are charging something:
One must keep an eye on the charges. If the payment is advance Bitcoins or the Bitcoins by any means, and then these sites must be avoided for the best. Also, the people must completely make sure that they do understand that charges must be minimal or null. Also, there are certain things that people must avoid when it comes to buying Bitcoins. The very first thing that people must avoid under any condition without any doubt is the hurrying up process of selecting a site. This often fire backs and people end up with the worst websites only. Also, people must ascertain that the sites are void of scamming offers and this must be a warning to them in the first place.


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